All talks are in room 100 of the Jackman Humanities Building, located at 170 St. George Street.

Tues. June 12th Wed. June 13th Thu. June 14th
9:00am Coffee & Muffins Coffee & Muffins Coffee & Muffins
9:30am "Concept Utility"
by Paul Egre & Cathal O'Madagain
comments by Snow (Xueyin) Zhang
"Modes of Convergence to the Truth: Steps toward a Better Epistemology of Induction"
by Hanti Lin
comments by Francesca Zaffora Blando
"Fragmentation, Mathematical Ignorance, and the Metalinguistic Reply"
by Adam Elga & Agustin Rayo
comments by Sara Aronowitz
11:15am "Ungrounded Payoffs. A Tale of Unconditional Love and Unrepentant Hate"
by Eleonora Cresto
comments by Aydin Mohseni
"Reducing Contrastive Knowledge"
by Michael Cohen
comments by Jonathan Schaffer
"Can Accuracy Motivate Modesty?"
by Jennifer Carr
comments by Pavel Janda
12:30pm Lunch break Lunch break Lunch break
2:00pm "Do We Really Need Finite Additivity?"
by Mike Titelbaum
"Against Expectations"
by Lara Buchak
"Hindsight Bias is not a Bias"
by Brian Hedden
comments by William Roche
3:45pm "Knowability as Learning"
by Ivan Verano
comments by Joe Salerno
"'Ramseyfying' Probabilistic Comparativism"
by Edward Elliott
comments by Jason Konek
"An Objection of Varying Importance to Epistemic Utility Theory"
by Ben Levinstein
comments by James Joyce
7:00pm Dinner @ Chez Nagel
RSVP by Friday June 8 at 5pm